Séminaire Rome 1999

Eighth CEDEP Seminar


Psychiatry and social exclusion

Treatments without consent in psychiatry

Violence and the Youth


22, 23 & 24 may 1999

Lancisi room, Burgo Santo spirito, 3

in collaboration with Psichiatria Democraticaand the support of  the city of Rome

Jean Cox, « Don’t be naughty… », 1950

Comité Européen : Droit, Ethique et Psychiatrie

153, rue de Charenton –

F 75012 PARIS (France)


Saturday May, 22, 1999, 9:00-12:30 :

The obligation to treat

Round-table conference acted in concert with the meeting « L’obbligo di prendersi cura », organized by Rome town council, service of Health promotion (May, 20-22, 1999).

Introduction : Franca Ongaro Basaglia

Participants : Paul Arteel (B), Philippe Bernardet (F), Heinfried Duncker (A), Claire Gékière (F), Bruno Gravier (Ch), Claude Louzoun (F), Maria Mitrossili (G), Agostino Pirella (I), Alicia Roig-Salas (E), Franco Rotelli (I), Denis Salas (F).

Saturday May, 22, 1999, 17:00-20:00

2 workshops :

Treatment Without Consent in Psychiatry

chair :Heinfried Duncker, forensic psychiatrist, Germany

relaters: Paul Arteel, chief executive of the Flemish Association of Mental Health & Claire Gékière, psychiatrist, France

Round Table (following) Compulsory health treatment, theory, practice, applications in Italy: Luigi Attenasio, Roma / Giuseppe Dell’Acqua, Trieste / Giusy Gabriele, Roma / Maria-Grazia Giannichedda, Roma / Francesco Mazza Galanti, Genua / Emilio Lupo, Napoli / Ernesto Muggia, Milano / Massimo Molinero, Torino / Vicenzo Pastore, Livorno / Angelo Venchiarruti, Trieste…

Violence and Youth : child in danger

chair : Francesco Mazza Galanti, Magistratura Democratica, Genua (I)

relaters : Rocco Canosa, RMO psychiatrist, Basilicata (I) & Jean-Pierre Legendre, RMO psychiatrist, Savoie (F)

The future of the young sexually abused victim, Stanislas Tomkiewicz, master of research, Paris

The social and sanitary treatment of abused and neglected child

Laurence Gavarini, sociologist, Fellow, Paris

Françoise Petitot, psychoanalyst, Paris

children in extreme conditions : synthesis of an international research, Bernard Doray, Head of research programme CEDRATE, France

Sunday May, 23 1999, 9:00 -12:30 :

2 workshops

Treatment without consent in psychiatry

chair : Luigi Attenasio, RMO psychiatrist, Rome

relaters : Paul Arteel, chief executive of the Flemish Association of Mental Health & Claire Gékière, psychiatrist, France

Is psychiatry outside the Law ? Vappu Taipale, chief executive of Stakes, Finland

Seclusion and Isolation : what is the therapeutic value ? Dominique Friard, head nurse, France

Round Table :

1st Part Users’ viewpoints on forced treatment, seclusion and isolation.

Philippe Bernardet (F), European Network of (ex-)users and survivors of psychiatry, Ernesto Muggia (I), René Van der Maele (NL)

2nd Part :Compulsory treatment in Europe ¾ (Germany, UK, Belgium, Spain, France, Greece, Netherlands, Scandinavia, Poland, Portugal, Rumania) ¾ constructive criticism : Carl Alexander (B), William Bingley (UK), Elzbieta Bobiatynska (Pol), Jose Miguel Caldas de Almeida (P), Maria Mitrossili (G), Hans Pfefferer-Wolf (D), Huw Richards (UK), Alicia Roig (E), Stelios Stylianidis (G), Alain Topor (S), Bogdana Tudorache (R), Hanneke Van de Klippe (B), ……

· Violence and Youth : The dangerous child

chair : Stanislas Tomkiewicz

relators :Rocco Canosa, RMO psychiatrist, Basilicata (I) & Jean-Pierre Legendre, RMO psychiatrist, Savoie (F)

Round Table :Should problem children be confined ?

Stijn Jannes, Head of psychiatry department, university of Ghent (B), president of the Flemish Association of Mental Health, Freya Van der Laenen, criminologist (B),Denis Salas, judge, Ecole Nationale de la Magistrature (F), Paolo Cendon, professor at the Faculty of Law, Trieste (I)

Hyperactive child : clinical screen versus social reality, Jean Ménéchal, Fellow, Lyon (F)

Youth and drugs, Piero Iozza, RMO psychiatrist, Genua (I)

Sunday May, 23 1999, 17:00-20:00 :

Plenary session

Workshop reports :

Violence and Youth : relaters Rocco Canosa & Jean-Pierre Legendre

compulsory and forced treatment in psychiatry : relaters Claire Gekière & Paul Arteel

chair : Christiane Bontemps, chief executive of the Walloon Association of Mental health, Namur (B)  & Agostino Pirella, professor of psychiatry, honorary president of Psichiatria Democratica


Monday, May 24, 1999 : Final Session

chair : Alicia Roig, president of CEDEP seccion Espanola & Bruno Gravier, secretary of CEDEP (CH)

9:00 – 12:30 :

Psychiatry and social exclusion

Jean-Pierre Martin,RMO psychiatrist, Paris

Eric Piel, psychiatrist, Paris

Franco Rotelli, psychiatrist, chief executive of Health Services, Trieste

Luciano Carino, chief executive on Health development programs, Foreign Office (Italy)

12:30-13:30 :

Recap & conclusions

Rocco Canosa, president of Psichiatria Democratica

Giusy Gabriele, Deputy-Mayor of Rome

Claude Louzoun, president of CEDEP